About Us

Throw a pebble into water, a wave is formed, and another and another; this has an ever-widening, rippling influence. We have seen this over the past 25 years; these ripples touch the lives of people we engage and work with, through sharing and imparting our collective wisdom, knowledge and experience, our mission is to create a personal Blue Pebble ripple effect… for every person, we engage with.

We engage with business leaders who are focused on driving future skills, skills relevancy and reskilling strategies.

Our expertise

Strengths Based Coaching / Mentoring

Why Do You Need a Strengths Coach and Mentor?

  • Help you to find a purpose and career direction
  • Help entrepreneurs to run better businesses
  • Assist and guide you to become more aware of your talents and strengths
  • Make you more aware on how to tap into your strength ‘superpowers’ where you feel stuck and want to move forward

Cloud Program Director and Project Management services

Cloud Program Director and Project Management services which include stakeholder engagement and expectation management, project initiation and scope planning, cloud planning and solution design, cloud build and deployment considerations including lessons learnt. These services are offered remotely as well as on site and can be tailored to your needs. We focus on program director and management services primarily on Oracle Cloud ERP digital transformation programs, but not limited to.

Digital Navigator for your cloud journey toolset

Our Digital Navigator for your cloud journey toolset, which positions your Cloud journey in such a way, that accelerates your understanding of the cloud world and what needs to happen to get you started. We plant seeds on how to approach and think about your cloud journey differently and share practical lessons learnt from our hands- on experiences . The Digital navigator takes the form of online workshops or remote working discussion groups. These can be discussed and tailored to your needs.

Learning Consulting & Advisory:
Digital Learning Strategy development and delivery

Virtual workshops & Keynote presentations. Learning Programme management.

Learning Ambition Labs

These labs prompt people to think about learning more creatively, with a deliberate perspective on business alignment, impact, and disruption. I share my 25years of knowledge and experience in the learning field.

the Way

In the field of Digital Learning, Learning Innovation and Oracle ERP Cloud program delivery.

our history

Founded in 2009, Blue Pebble Consulting is a small, niche consulting company that focuses on providing services based on the expertise of our founders, as well as our associates.

We are seasoned experienced, well respected subject matter experts and seasoned thought leaders in the fields of Oracle ERP, Programme Delivery, Oracle Cloud, Digital Learning, Learning Innovation, Learning & Development.

We’ve held executive positions where our skills, knowledge and experience have played a vital role in helping organisations to accelerate and achieve success.

our mission

To empower our clients by listening to understand and through sharing our wisdom and experience, jointly craft value propositions that are mutually beneficial to ensure success and growth.

our values

  • Freely share our “Collective Wisdom” through imparting our knowledge, experience and nurturing our clients
  • Show the awareness to listen and to understand
  • Always engage with energy, passion and innovation
  • Strive to generate and formulate “game changer” ideas and solutions jointly for our clients and partners
  • Aways apply our “lessons learnt” enabling our clients “leapfrog” and accelerate

our founders

  • Linda van der Loo

    I engage with business leaders who are focused on driving future skills, skills relevancy and reskilling...
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  • Debbie Hill

    I engage with Business leaders to help them make sense of their cloud journeys to successfully lead their...
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