Strengths Based Coaching and Mentoring

Why Do You Need a Strengths Coach and Mentor?

  • Help you to find a purpose and career direction
  • Help entrepreneurs to run better businesses
  • Assist and guide you to become more aware of your talents and strengths
  • Make you more aware on how to tap into your strength ‘superpowers’ where you feel stuck and want to move forward

The best coaches help you open the door to your potential and live your best life.

The Benefits of Strengths Based Coaching

People who use their strengths are x6 likely to be more engaged at work

X3 more likely to say that they have a better quality of life

X6 likely to say that they strongly agree that they have the opportunity to do what they love

Our Coaching and Mentoring Offering

I help entrepreneurial individuals find career direction and purpose using Gallup Clifton Strengths based coaching and mentoring in 8 weeks or less. I work remotely and offer the coaching sessions via Microsoft Team sessions. Message me to learn more about my approach and offerings:

  • One on One Strengths based Coaching Offering
  • Strengths based Coaching for Salespeople
  • Strengths Based Coaching for Teams
  • Strengths Based Digital Transformation Coaching for Women